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About Wx Wiki Server

This program is a good minimal web server attached to a minimal Wiki database, written in C++. It was written by Eddie Edwards, with various improvements by Ryan Norton.

Wiki operates like a normal (albeit simple) website. However, you can edit any page you like as you browse the site. This makes Wiki a simple but powerful hypertext system.

Every page is created from a plain text file, then headers and footers are added and the page is sent to the user. Text formatting is entered using simple commands in the text file. Links are implicitly made whenever words are entered Like This. See Wiki Formatting for details.

The header contains the Wiki icon and the page title. Clicking on the Wiki icon always takes you back to Start Page. Clicking on the page title gives you a list of all the pages that link to this one.

The footer contains a link allowing you to edit the page. Clicking this link will give you a simple edit form, allowing you to edit the plain text file corresponding to the page, and then save it back to the server.

Wiki is based on other Wiki projects e.g. Wiki Wiki Web (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors) and bows its head in honour of these great pioneers.

Wiki sites are administered locally, although it is possible to download a Wiki site in one transaction to assist mirroring. See Wiki Admin for details.