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Auto-Update of Freenet for alpha-testing

For linux and other *nix

in shell do :

//crontab -u USER -e//

write in editor :
  • /15* * * * /pathto-freenet/up.sh//
Press **CTRL-X**
When asked to save, anser Y
do not rename the file

Every 15min all day/month/year long, freenet will be updated.

The format of the crontab file is as follows:

Minute (0-59) Hour (0-23) Day of Month (1-31) Month (1-12 or Jan-Dec) Day of Week (0-6 or Sun-Sat) Command

0 2 12 * 0,6 /usr/bin/find
for more information on crontab visit :

Next the **up.sh** shell script:


cd /pathto-freenet//
if wget -N http://downloads.freenetproject.org/alpha/freenet-cvs-snapshot.jar
exit # No? Then there isn't much point in restarting freenet...//
ps aux | grep freenet-cvs | mawk '{print("kill -15 "$2)}' | sh - # kill freenet

After that save the file **up.sh** and run:
//chmod u+x up.sh//

Then launch your node using :
while (sleep 2);do java -Xdebug -Xmx 128 M -client -cp freenet-cvs-snapshot.jar:freenet-ext.jar freenet.node.Node [port] <[ip]> <[b/w limit]>; done

Happy testing :)