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Version 1.5.1:
  • Fixed page editing/previewing (posting) with mozilla firefox browser
  • Fixed all known socket issues
  • Fixed directory depth issue
  • Changed page title around a bit to link to subdirectories
  • Added support for usemod double- | table syntax
  • Added support for <pagename>#<anchor>
  • Added information to Wiki Formatting page about new features
  • Various misc bug fixes
Version 1.5:
  • Now #'ed lists perform like usemod
  • Added Psuedo-HTML tag support ala usemod (b, i, tt, and pre tags)
  • Now only one redirect is supported like usemod
  • Added &lt;nowiki&gt; usemod-like syntax
  • Added Use Mod : indenting (via definition lists)
  • Added Use Mod ; definition lists
  • Few other bugs fixed
Version 1.5rc4:
  • Fixed foreign character issues
Version 1.5rc3:
  • Made List Orphans have the same layout as the new List All Pages layout
  • Added more online docs
  • Many, many user interface fixes
  • Made a hack to get foriegn characters to work (still narrowing down the problem - will be fixed in 1.6)
  • If no hostname is specified it defaults to localhost for easier installation
  • Comments with just a star in them don't get logged :)
  • Various bugs fixed
Version 1.5rc2:
  • Links in equal headings now work
  • Fixed Reverse Link on pages in subdirectories
  • Changed default template/css a bit
  • Fixed crash on startup if pages directory wasn't found
  • Fixed long-standing too-many \n's in monospaced text bug
  • Fixed directory paths in converted html pages
  • Added/Refined online docs quite a bit
  • Inter Wiki links with subdirectories now work properly
  • Many other fixes
Version 1.5rc1:
  • Fixed massive memory leak with diffing
  • Fixed editing off of previous revisions
  • Fixed preview function
  • Fixed hangups with opera browser
  • Turned off socket timeouts. Should make the server a lot faster.
  • Now html and code commands end previous tags, which fixes some wiki output
  • Fixed hangups, errors, and bugs with sockets and sending data
  • Directory traversing code is now buffer-overflow safe and faster
  • Convert to HTML now copies files from subdirectories
  • Subdirectories are now supported via the usemod literal syntax
  • You can set the max depth in config.wkc
  • You can now specify the max number of revisions per page in config.wkc
  • You can now specify how to keep revisions (backward or forward)
  • List All Pages now looks a lot nicer
  • Various other changes

Version 1.4:
  • A whole new look with a template based on Tarquins sample template
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 on all pages!!!
  • The default style.css is now 100% CSS complaint for all 3 levels
  • You can now double-click on the page body to edit a page with the default template.
  • Wikiserver will no longer try to resolve the hostname of the localhost :).
  • Various misc fixes
  • Fixed bug in diff output where it would output nearly the whole diff each line
  • Added Use Mod-style numbered lists
  • I.E. is one funky browser - it sends an extra \r\n pair some times in the oddest of circumstances
    • Forget to get them - and I.E. displays the can't display page error!!
  • Fixed loading of older revisions from the revisions page
  • Fixed $$DEFPAGE$$ template when converting pages to html (i.e. topleft image now sends you correctly to startpage if you click on it).
  • The monospacing+<br> problem seems to be fixed somehow
  • Fixed edit conflict resolution AGAIN (Yes, I know its almost the 10th time :))
  • Got rid of $$ALTHEADING$$ and now have $$PAGENAME$$ which returns the _raw_ pagename (no spaces)
  • Fixed anonymous user with password bug
  • Fixed bug where server would crash if anonymous user was deleted
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
Version 1.3.5:
  • Fixed a problem with foriegn characters as links
  • Fixed a problem where it would crash if wikiserver.ini was not found
  • Added ability to view pages that are locked, but not edit them
  • Now it prints the hostname of a person if available instead of the ip on recent changes if the person isn't logged in.
  • Fixed page links in all meta pages - now all links are correctly url encoded
  • Fixed a couple of validation bugs concerning the optional h1 image (no alt) and extra string endings appending on syntax highlighter (")
  • Fixed redirect problem
  • Added RSS 2.0 feed
Version 1.3.4:
  • Changed look of default template a bit
  • Stable source highlighting for 6 languages - c, c++, java, jscript, vbscript, and visual basic
  • Changed edit conflict resolution AGAIN. Now it compares the current editor to the last one (usernames if a user, ips if anonymous).
  • Fixed include bug where [PAGENAME]) would be printed after the included page if it was recursively included
  • Fixed include bug where a blank title would be acceptable
  • Removed erronious $$SPACEDTITLE$ template
  • Added $$ALTHEADING$$ template that shows the pagename without spaces
  • Added preview function to edit and merge pages
  • Fixed HTML output, with a few hitches
    • It doesn't recurse directories
    • Only current revision supported
    • The following pages arn't printed out :
      • Diff
      • Revisions
      • Preferences (no reason to)
      • Edit Page (no reason to)
      • Title/Full Search
  • Fixed Dump All Pages, with the following notes
    • Only works on current revision of pages
  • Fixed Dump All Pages so that it works on system pages like PageTemplate.html also
  • Fixed server shutdown via admin menu
  • Added a newline to the end of each line and after each linebreak in output
  • Fixed a bug in usemod tables where the last table line would get appended if it was the end of the page
  • Fixed a bug in usemod tables where it wouldn't end the last tag correctly
  • Added Meat Ball-style #REDIRECT
  • Added ability to load settings from config file (wikiserver.ini)
  • Added option to display an image next to an h1 ("Heading Image Path" in config.wkc)
  • Added option to set the html template file name ("Template" in config.wkc)
  • Fixed bug in log window where if you closed it it would close the server. However, some apps like the windows task manager may think the program is hanging if you try to close the window
  • Changed diff output radically - now it only shows what has changed, and is more usemod-style
  • Added some exception handling to prevent crashes
  • Fixed some bugs concerning users.wkc
  • Will now log to a file in addition to logging to the log window
  • Set username cookie to expire in 90 days, rather than at the end of a session
  • Many other fixes, etc.
Version 1.3.3c:
  • Password field in preferences shows stars instead of the password
  • Changed title of log window and tooltip for taskbaricon
  • "Fixed" shutdown problem with a nasty hack. Known new bug - if you close the log window it exits the server.
  • Added link to preferences menu on admin screen
  • Now when include syntax is incorrect, there are no warnings shown
  • Changed the default for enable reset button to 0
  • Made ANOTHER MAJOR change to edit conflict resolution. This time it is most likely correct
Version 1.3.3b:
  • Fixed a crash that would happen with page includes.
  • Changed back to non-tabled template (use MDVWPageTemplate.html if you want the old style back)
Version 1.3.3a:
  • Used <divs> instead of <ps> - took a lot of hacking around to get to display right
    • Incidentally, the reason the footer wasn't displaying right was because there was no <br> before the <div> ended - for some reason I.E. doesn't think the <div> exists unless there's a <br> somewhere in it (may only apply to the last <div> in the html document). Strange.
  • Added html multiline ability with the @html and @endhtml commands.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL source code highlighting using @code and @endcode commands (disabled by default).
  • Corrected some errors in Wiki Formatting
  • Changed linebreaks default to 0 (no line breaks)
  • Added some info on the wildcard character in ip filtering (*)
  • Changed mimick to mimic in config.wkc
  • Changed edit conflict resolution process (AGAIN)... TWICE
    • Now its REALLY sophisticated. Basically, when a user chooses "edit page", it maps his/her ip to the revision of the page. When the user submits his/her changes, wikiserver checks the map to see if someone else beat him/her to it (i.e. the revision of the page is higher then when the user chose to edit it).
  • Made sidebar items a virtual list
  • Fixed some misc user login issues
  • Added ability to have admin logout easily
  • Usual song and dance - bugs, new misc features I can't remember, etc...
Version 1.3.3:
  • Added $$SPACEDTITLE$$ for the current page name, spaced :)
  • Changed Recent Changes display to that of Use Mod's
  • Added several options dealing with spaces in page names.
Version 1.3.2c:
  • Changed editing process completely (AGAIN). The merge screen is brought up if - the last user was anonymous and it's ip does not match the current one, or the last user does not equal the current one
Version 1.3.2b:
  • Changed editing process completely. Now the user can step on his own edits, but it can't take down the server....
  • Added $$USERNAME$$ option to html templates
  • lots of misc changes
Version 1.3.2a:
  • Added $$USERNAME$$ command to html template
Version 1.3.2:
  • Added options to disable -
    • Wrap-virtual used in edit page
    • Reset button used in edit page
    • Line breaks (go back to old style)
    • Allow non-adminitrators to delete pages
  • Added wildcard ability to ip filtering
  • Fixed user logins
  • Fixed locked pages
  • Fixed temp file and getcurrentthreadid problemVersion 1.3.1e:
  • Fixed time of revision of new pages
  • other misc fixes
Version 1.3.1d:
  • Made an attempt to solve the temp file name problem.
  • Linux still at 1.3.1c (it's version says 1.3.1a, but it's really 1.3.1a :))
Version 1.3.1c:
    • wikiservergui is the linux version (built in mandrake 9.1), wikiserver.exe is the windows version
  • Removed all mutexes.
Version 1.3.1b:
  • Fixed default config (it was using mine, so you had to enter my username and password to login. Now it's back to the default admin and password for the username and password).
  • Added IP filtering
  • Added ability to globally disable html commands
  • Added stylesheet, header and sidebar to adminlogin page and page radix
  • Added enhanced footnote navigation, similar to what Elreys version has (actually similar to what it's supposed to have. Appears to be broken in the latest version of his server), click on a footnote to go back to where the footnote was referenced, and vice versa (numbered footnotes only).
  • Pages now are displayed alphabetically on pages like List All Pages
  • Enhanced debugging - for 500 errors the line # and file name are logged (makes life easier for me).
  • Many little bugfixes
Version 1.3.1a:
  • Page locking fixed (hopefully).
Version 1.3.1:
Version 1.3:
  • Now has the same defaults as the old Eddies Wiki Server. I.E. port 80 instead of 82, etc.
  • No memory leaks. 0. Took me one and a half days to take care of this.
  • Valid HTML 4.01 STRICT on every page
  • Stable revisioning and diffing (hopefully)
  • Fixed user logins
  • When a page is edited, it sends you back to the edited page instead of staying on Submit Page
  • Got rid of wxblocks image
  • Changed to a version of MDVW's pagetemplate.html
  • Got rid of valadation graphic (it was wrong)
  • Page is not spaced anymore
  • Enchanced revisioning checking. Checks the revisions of all pages - if they aren't correct then it resets the revision of the page to 1 (the first version) and overwrites revisioning info. May be slow, but effectively prevents errors from revisioning.
  • tons and tons of other changes and bug fixes.
Version 1.2.5 (initial Wx Wiki Server version) :
  • ALL features of EW 1.1 beta, EW 1.0 and Michel's mods (1.1m1), with many bug fixes to each.
  • Slightly buggy user-login and preferences support.
  • Buggy page revisioning support.
  • Edit lockdowns so that nothing is messed up if two people press the edit button at the same time.
  • Page diff support - buggy because of revisions and looks bad.
  • Use Mod-like star syntax (as well as V1.0's star syntax).
  • Use Mod-like table syntax (as well as V1.1 style table syntax).
  • Use Mod-like [] bracket syntax for named links (i.e. [site textshown]).
  • Changed everything to Wx Widgets.
  • Now runs as a task bar icon (i.e. a background service).
  • Logs everything to a window.
  • Use Mod-like equal syntax for headings (as well as V1.0 syntax for emphasis).
  • (Should) run on any platform that Wx Widgets supports, including linux.
    • May take some hacking though - Wiki Server uses a lot of std c lib routines that have some application-ending quirks across platforms. -- Ryan Norton
  • 100% Valid HTML 4.0 transitional on all pages.
  • Stylesheet support for all elements.
  • a lot more that I can't think of at the moment. -- Ryan Norton
  • Fixed Version []
  • Fixed search fields
  • Fixed HTML Output (invalid directory)
  • Editing from previous versions works now
  • Fixed output of time and date
  • Fixed the double posting of the pages when a page is edited
  • Fixed dump all files
  • Put in a page-wide locker
  • Moved am/pm back one character
  • Capped equal syntax at 6 (for validator)
  • Changing versioning info completely - now it's stored in seperate wkv files, along with the username (ip if a coward) and comment of the person who edited it. Also, the time of the edit is stored in the file too, rather than calling OS funcs to get the file modification time.
  • Made Page Revisions use the html template (diff is next)
  • Page Revisions now shows the username and comment of the version of page edited