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Attention! Due to continuous abuse of spammers, I am forced to introduce an obligatory login (alas). To keep things as userfriendly as possible, there is one generic login, which is currently: joe with as password: doe. This will make it easier to keep scripted spammers at bay, while still being not overly burdening to people who actually want to help editing.

Ok; lifted the blocking of the page(s). This is a new version of the wikiserver, as yet still lacking the more sofisticated anti-spam features, but with improved diff, IP-showing...and I'm getting some help in controlling this wiki.

Due to constant spamming, this comments-page will temporarily be set on hold, untill the spamming get less or some new anti-spamfeatures are incorporated in the wikiserver.

The text below the headings at the top of the page appears shoved way over to the right, leaving most of the screen blank. Text runs off of the color field that is obviously meant to be it's background. Selecting Page Style::No Page Style fixes this, but removes all of your colors and much formatting. I'm using Firefox 1.0

- On my own puters it works perfectly, either with IE or firefox. However, it so happens I have experienced the same with another puter elsewhere, recently, when viewing the wiki - so there is, indeed, something wrong (in some instances). I'll contact the coder of the wikiserver to see if we can come up with a solution. As an inbetween possible solution, you can try to install the latest patches for the browsers, and see if this helps. Thanks for the bugreport.

Freenethelp now uses Wikiserverversion :1.5.11c. Stability, or at least speed and user-friendliness (improved features and bugfixes) should improve this site considerably.

Well, since it's a new layout with a new wikiserverversion, I thought to start anew on this commentspage too. So I moved the old comments to Old Commentspage.

So, what is your impression of the 'new' wiki? Better, worse? Remarks, suggestions? Was it easily accesible? etc. Feel free to comment!

Words starting with a capital letter and containing the German letter ß (e.g. "Größe") are interpreted as a phrase, causing a link Like This. Always putting nolink before it is annoying. Can you change that detection rule?

I downloaded the Wikiserver from http://wikiserver.has.it and it looks nice. Can your site host it also perhaps on a different port.

Lucille May

No, I know about that variant. I have decided to stick with the most recent version, which is currently Ryans' wikiserver 1.3 branche. It incorporates most things of all the other wikiserver-variants and is a lot farther in debugging stuff. It can be found at www.wikiserver.org.

I notice that some pages are linked via http://freecache.org/. This is pointless as I believe freecache only actually caches large files, web pages just go straight through it.

Well, apart from some pdf-files as testcases, most freecachelinks ARE used for larger files, such as the Freenet Scip.

Now using the 1.5 branche

Newsbyte - you can get rid of that image that appears to the left
of headings by editing config.wkc and removing the following line:

Heading Image Path=images/minilogo01.gif

In addition, mayby you want to replace the older Author Login with

Anyway, I'll be checking this page periodically for comments, so
if anyone has any questions about this wikiserver, feel free to put them
here :).

--Ryan Norton

the discussion on security Attacks And Weaknesses
is right to the point.

As far as I understand the situation is like this (Europe):
in Germany, if a judge sees an internet page in German with a swastika on it, in no time flat, he issues a verdict, every German internet user/provider involved in this in ANY way will be held liable except he "acts to block or delete" the incriminated content (§8 Teledienstgesetz = law on internet services etc.).

question is: what does it mean for the individual freenet node operator ?

whats legally relevant here :
he has freedom rights.
he can't directly/easily control traffic other than by shutting down the node.
he has no intent to route illegalized traffic
it is hard/impossible/impractical to prove he is a "perpetrator", yet else he still runs the risk of his equipment be confiscated for investigation (6 month out of business). This is how most ISP so far were subdued in Germany. There was no clear legal grounds at all !! just like USSR !!

cut it short: there is clearly no 100% safe legal protection, but with a large number of nodes

- it is totally sufficient to provide "pretty good legality" ! - -

those authorities who tried to censor content from vice party chairwoman Angela Marquardt (PDS) homepage, gave in when they found her page blocked my major ISP's yet reached unheard of popularity by mirroring and such. The legal procesuction was stopped after they realized what they had done.

as Bruce Schneier put it : security is a chain and only as strong as its weakest link. little point in reenforcing the strongest link.

freenet is, (please argue in detail) quite suffiently proof against "Tele Dienstgesetz" law (by introducing technicalities), but of course its a dynamic matter. Yet judges often reach verdicts "contra legem" - i.e. against the law - legally, so freedom is feasible, but not too easily...

          freenet is the most inspiring piece of software I know

Memory and Freenet

My goodness will Freenet's memory footprint ever be reduced? I can't run Freenet hardly on my P3 600 with 384 megs of memory :P.

- Probably not. A sub-goal of freenet is to stimulate +4GB RAM memory-use. Otherwise, factories may go bust and people get unemployed. ;-)

- Heh, well it may improve. Version 0.7 will be almost a complete rewrite, and will have significantly different (hopefully better) routing. A big memory hog at the moment is all the masses of routing and estimator data held about a large number of nodes. Recent discussions on devl imply that development is moving towards a conceptually simpler network-of-smallworld-subnetworks model. The idea is that this will give better routing and also create a "scaleable darknet" that is impractical to harvest (build a list of everyone who is running a Freenet node).

It is reasonable to think that this model will use less memory, since each node will mostly be concerned with a relatively low number of smallworld "neighbours" rather than trying to keep masses of complex data for a table of 200+ constantly changing nodes. However please note that I am not a Freenet developer so this isn't a promise :^)

Recent 50xx versions of Freenet can run quite well for days with as "little" as 256mb on a dedicated Linux box. More RAM is highly recommended if you also want to use the computer as a desktop or suchlike. At least some tuning, most importantly setting outputBandwidthLimit, is highly recommended however much RAM you have. Currently the system requirements quoted on freenetproject.org are optimistic to say the least ... they are what the developers would like the requirements to be, rather than what they actually are ;^)