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This is the master configuration file, having quite a few settings, providing a convenient way for you to customize wikiserver to your needs.

Settings that must be set

These are settings that are difficult to live without, and will adversely affect wikiserver if they are not set.


The hostname of the server. For example, wikiserver.org. This does not include the http:// prefix.

There is NO default value for this setting. Specify localhost for local use.


Configuration Settings

Settings that customize the behaviour of wikiserver.


Options either have a 0 value, which turns them off, or a 1 value which turns them on (note that in practice, due to the way wikiserver parses the config files, anything besides a 0 enables the flag).

Enable Reset=1

Enable HTML

Enables tags that output raw HTML, such as


Enable Reset

Shows the reset button on Edit Page

Enable Delete

Allows non-administrators to delete pages.

WARNING: All revision information about a page will be lost when it is deleted!!!

Enable Wrap

Applies wrap="soft" to text areas in the edit and merge pages.

Not HTML 4.01 STRICT compliant

Enable Line Breaks

Set to 0 to enable old Wiki Wiki behaviour.

If enabled, lines with only one return after them will have a <br> appended to them, otherwise these lines, if consecutive, are rendered by the browser as a paragraph (as though separated by space instead of return).

Enable Spaced Names

Spaces page names at capital letters when they are links in the body of another page.

Enable Bracketed Spaced Names

Same as SpacedNames, only it applies to within a double-bracket usemod syntax instead of a page body ([[ ]]).

Enable Meta Spaced Names

Same as SpacedNames, only it applies to the body of meta pages (Recent Changes, Revisions, etc.) instead of the body of a .wik page.

Enable CODE =

Enables the @code and @endcode tags.

Heading Image Path

Optionally, before an h1 (single equal or triple-`), an image can placed.

If empty, there is no h1 image.


The path for the main HTML template.

If empty, the default is Page Template.html


If the convert to html option is chosen from the Admin Login menu, the converted html is placed here.

Defaults to HTML.

Banned IP#[]

Banned/Filtered IPs.

Take the form Banned IP#[]=[ip] where [] is the next number
in ascending order. [ip] is the ip to block.

For example, to ban the localhost you'd put -
Banned IP#1=

A * wildcard character is also supported. For example, you'd add 192.168.1.* if
you REALLY want to ban yourself for good. :)

Root Page

This is the page that the Wiki opens on when a user first opens the site.

Default Page

This is the page that the teddy links to ($$DEFPAGE$$ in the HTML template).

Content Type

Content-Type header that is sent to clients. You'll probably want to keep this the same as the default.

Content Type=text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1

Added in 1.5

Enable Backward Revisions (Option)

If enabled, when the max revision count is reached, removes the file
with least revision number.

Disabled, performs like usemod and doesn't back up revisions when the max is reached.

Enable Backward Revisions=1

Max Depth

Max number of directories to create with pages (Default 10).

Use Mod is 1, most other wikis 0.

Max Depth=5

Max Revisions

Maximum number of revisions per page to store on disk (Default 100). How they will be removed when the max is reached is dictated by the Enable Backward Revisions option.

Max Revisions=25