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Frost Pre Alpha on Freenet 0.7

Translated from the original page Frost En Cero Punto Siete (written by Caco Patane in Spanish)


Sun Java 1.5
Freenet .7 node (which is up and running)
Frost .7 alpha


Decompress the archive in a directory somewhere ( ~/freenet/ is a good idea):

$ tar xfvz frost-0.7-preprealpha3.1.tar.gz

Alternatively you can also fetch the code via SVN,

We have to make sure that Frost has the right FCP port in the 'frost.ini' file, which is found in the 'config' directory. Revise the file with an editor, such as 'vi', 'nano', or whatever you like

~ $ cd frost-0.7-preprealpha3.1
~/freenet/frost-0.7-preprealpha3.1 $ vi config/frost.ini

Make sure that the variable 'availableNodes' contains the IP of the address where your node is running, a colon (':'), and then the port where FCP is listening:


Once you have done this, you can start Frost (I am assuming that your Freenet has is running already). One thing we need to do is update the permission of the file 'frost.sh' so that it can be started by itself (ie. turn on execute mode)

~/freenet/frost-0.7-preprealpha3.1 $ chmod +x frost.sh
~/freenet/frost-0.7-preprealpha3.1 $ ./frost.sh

That's it!