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IIP is back up. Currently (June 29.) there are still few public relays, but go here to download and what not: http://www.invisiblechat.com/

The Invisible IRC Project (IIP) was originally created so that people interested in facilitating privacy and free speech could work to these ends in an equally secure and anonymous environment. It has now become a haven for anyone seeking anonymous, encrypted Internet Relay Chat. The project's inspiration arose primarily from a shared interest in the Freenet Project and a desire to provide the real-time communications capabilities that Free Net could not.

  • NOTE: The IIP-network apparently has been terminated. According to the Invisiblenet.net website, IIP is down because "the hardware supporting the end server has been destroyed." Some Freenetter corresponded with Lance James at Invisiblenet and he says that if they get enough donations to replace it, they'll bring the network back up.
So, go to http://www.invisiblenet.net/supportMain.php and toss a few bucks
their way and maybe we'll get our real-time anonymous communication channel
back. Or donate some hardware or something. It really would be worthwhile to have IIP back.

It can be found at: http://www.invisiblenet.net/iip/