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Server Location

Wiki Server must be started in a server directory. This directory must contain a Pages subdirectory which contains Icon.gif (the Wiki icon) and (optionally) any existing Wiki pages (*.wik).

This can be acheived by either copying Wiki Server into the directory and running it there, or else by creating a shortcut which specifies the appropriate directory.

Using a shortcut, you can also specify server options.

Server Options

The server accepts some options on the command-line when it is first run:

Server Port

You can run more than one Wiki Server on a machine, provided they all use different ports. To specify which port Wiki uses, use the option -p<port> where <port> is the TCP/IP port number from 0 to 65535. If this option is not specified, port 80 (the standard HTTP port) is the default. This gives the server the simple URL http://localhost, whereas -p<port> gives a URL of http://localhost:<port>.

Console / logging

By default, the Wiki Server opens a console windows and logs output to that. You can specify a logfile using the option -l<logfile>.

Usually the logfile is opened in "append" mode, so the previous contents are kept. If you specify -c on the command-line, the logfile is opened in "write" mode and cleared.

Server Files

The server uses several files for its operation. These can be edited manually if desired. First close Wiki Server using Task Manager or via Admin Login.


This is the user file. The format is:


For instance, to have a user "eddie" with password "tinyted" and permissions "rw" with homepage Eddie Edwards I would add a line:


There must be no spaces or other detritus on these lines. The homepage is optional.

Permissions can be:

User can read the Wiki but not edit pages
User can read the Wiki and edit most pages, but cannot see admin pages
User has full administration priviledges

To specify the permissions and homepage for people who are not logged in, use an empty username and password. For instance, to allow guests to read the wiki, use a line like this:


Until you define a Users.wkc file, the Wiki is in an unprotected state - anyone can do anything, including administration tasks.


This is simply a list of lines like this:

<extension>=<mime type>

for instance


Adding lines to this file allows Wiki Server to serve other types of files such as .doc or .pdf files.


This is a list of prefixes and partial URLs:

<prefix>=<partial URL>

The link to the interwiki is formed from the partial URL with the page name directly appended. Compare:



This contains fields which configure WikiServer:

Default Page
Set to something other than Startpage to define the page at / on the server, and the default homepage for users

Log file format

Logging is now done in CSV format (comma seperated variables). The format for each column is as follows:

  1. Date in system format
  2. Time in system format
  3. Source IP address, null for internal messages
  4. HTTP method, or INIT or ERROR
  5. URI for request
  6. Number of bytes in document
  7. HTTP status code
  8. Status string