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Wiki uses a simple formatting "language" which is designed for plain-text entry. The source text is entered formatted according to strict guidelines, and this text is then converted to HTML (which looks a lot prettier). Select Edit Page to see the source text for the examples on this page.

See Wiki Formatting Examples for everything in action ...

Example how to put in code:

    Module Name: 



        WSWikiPage class.  This contains information about a page in

    Revision History:
#ifndef __WSPAGE_H__
#define __WSPAGE_H__

#include "WSString.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* WSWIKIPAGE flags */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_KEEP       1 /* page is kept in RAM                  */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_CHANGED    2 /* page differs from file version       */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_META       4 /* page is a meta-page                  */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_PAGEPARM   8 /* page link includes page&rev cgi args */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_ADMINEDIT  16/* administrator-only editing           */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_ORPHANED   32/* temp flag for checking orphans       */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_NONWIKI    64/* text page                            */
#define WSWIKIPAGE_NOCONVERT 128/* don't link to page on htmlconv       */

/* Page procedure type for metapages */
WSbool (*LPPageProc) (struct WSWIKISESSION* pSession);

/* Wiki page information */
typedef struct tagWSWIKIPAGE
    WSChar*     szTitle;          /* title of page               */
    WSChar*     szSpacedTitle;    /* spaced title of page        */
    WSChar*     szText;           /* page contents after Loading */
    WSulong     ulFlags;          /* flags (WSPAGE_)             */
    WSulong     ulRev;            /* revision number             */
    WSChar*     szEditor;         /* editor of page              */
    WSChar*     szComment;        /* comment of page             */
    WSulong     ulDepth;          /* directory depth of title    */
    WSulong     ulTime;           /* time page was edited        */

/* WSWikiPage static methods */
void WSWikiPageGetPathname(WSSTRING* pOutPath, 
                           const WSChar* title, WSulong ulRev);
void WSWikiPageGetRevPathname(WSSTRING* pOutPath, 
                              const WSChar* title, WSulong ulRev);
void WSWikiPageMakeSpacedTitle(WSSTRING* pOutTitle, 
                               const WSChar* title);

#define WSWikiPageEncodeTitle(enc) WSStringURLEncode(enc)
#define WSWikiPageDecodeTitle(enc) WSStringURLDecode(enc)

/* WSWikiPage member methods */
void    WSWikiPage_GetPathname(const WSWIKIPAGE* pPage, 
                               WSSTRING* pOutPath, WSulong ulRev);
WSbool  WSWikiPage_Load(WSWIKIPAGE* pPage);
void    WSWikiPage_Validate(WSWIKIPAGE* pPage);
WSbool  WSWikiPage_Unload(WSWIKIPAGE* pPage, WSbool force);
WSbool  WSWikiPage_Write(WSWIKIPAGE* pPage);

#define WSWikiPage_IsLoaded(pPage) (!!pPage->mASCII)

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /*__cplusplus */

#endif /*__WSPAGE_H__*/

New: now brackets form links (wikipedia-style) like This too!

Also!! html codes can be used when putting a '$html' string in front of it, as in this color-example:

Fonts and Emphasis

  • Two quotes together ' ' make things italic
  • Three quotes together ' ' ' make things bold
  • Four or more quotes give bold italic
  • Initial <space> makes a line monospaced
  • These modifiers only last until the end of a line
This is monospaced text


  • <space>*<space> makes a bullet list
    • <space><space>*<space> for the 2nd level, etc.
  • <space>1.<space> makes a numbered list
  • You can intermingle numbered and bulleted lists
  • Put each entry on a different line
  • <space>-<space> is a "virtual list" of single lines with HTML <br> after each


  • <space>1:<space> begins a table - you can start at more than 1 if you like
  • <space>1;<space> makes a table with no border
  • All elements with the same number are in the same cell
  • When the number goes up, the next column is used
  • When the number goes down again, the next row is used


  • A single blank line seperates paragraphs
  • A single line containing 4 or more dashes (-) makes a page break
  • > indents lines (quote block)
  • > > indents more, etc.
  • ] centers lines
  • Backquotes ` ` start headings from level 4 to level 1 - they should be after any > or ] characters


  • Inside a table cell, or after ] or >, you are in a new paragraph
  • You can insert new paragraph formatting which applies to only that paragraph
  • So you can indent or center lists and tables
  • ... or you can have indented or centered paragraphs in tables!


  • Any word spelt Like This becomes an internal hyperlink
  • A nolink URL forces no internal hyperlink e.g. WikiFormatting
  • A link URL forces an internal hyperlink e.g. Hyperlink
  • A full URL becomes an external hyperlink e.g. http://www.tinyted.net
  • [1], [2], [3], etc. link to footnotes
  • ISBN 1-57231-548-2 becomes a link to Amazon.com
  • Wiki Server can also deliver files placed in the Pages directory
    • A local URL becomes a local hyperlink e.g. icon.jpg
Image Links

  • An ilocal URL becomes an inline image e.g. Image
  • The newer img tag is a better way - it can work the same way e.g. Image or it can refer to images from the internet, as below:

Special Objects

  • [$<name>] inserts a macro anywhere in the text
  • "$PageTime" inserts the current page's last update time : 06:32pm
  • "$PageDate" inserts the current page's last update date : March 07, 2006
  • "$This" inserts the current page name : Meta Sandbox
  • "$UserName" inserts the current user's name : admin
  • "$UserPerm" inserts the current user's permission string : rwa
  • "$HomePage" inserts a link to the current user's homepage : Start Page
  • "$DefPage" inserts a link to the default page : Start Page


  • [!<name>] inserts the text of a page directly
  • A + symbol appears at the start - this takes you to the page (for editing)
  • The [!<name>] must be the only word on a line

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[1] This is a footnote