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  • current
I have now established my own wikiserver. It's based on a beta, so there are still some drawbacks (no diff in recent changes show up on the webinterface, no preview, etc.), but all by all it's a step in the right direction. In time, it will get more features and things will improve even more. Thus, for the time being I will keep this wiki and ppl can update the pages; their work will not be lost and it will be re-used, even if in a far future another wiki would be replace this one.

  • Hi there, since i believe most people wont bother to read all these long documents where you really wont have any idea of which information is old and which is updated, i purpose we have an article for each component in freenet that one may want to find out more about. Then perhaps one article which, in short, explain how they all fit together.
This is an example:
  • Freenet as a whole
  • NGR
  • BIDI connections
  • Rate limiting
  • Muxing
...and so on, feel free to add more or remove this whole thing if it's out of place. :)

    • Well, it's true that many of the pages are not updated, but that's why I made a wiki out of it, so ppl could update. Your suggestions have some merrit, but the question remains: who's going to do it, and how? I still think you'll have to use a more general titel for all those detailed subjects, or you'll end up with a list from here to the moon.

Special thanks to that spanish bloke that made the effort of putting something useful on the wiki!

Current before old...

  • Old comments

  • As said previously, if someone knows some other interesting wiki-engines, feel free to point them out.
However, there are some priorities that have to be met:

1)It has to be free (speech and beer)

2)It has to be easy to install and run (and maintain in config)

3)It has to work under win, or crossplatform (java, apache, or bundled with it's own webserver)

4)It has to be possible to finely tune the user-edit-level (login, read/write?)

5)It has to be possible to exactly see what changes were made with each change

6)Preferably, it should not only contain a text-editor, but also a (wysiwyg) html-editor

  • Here is the old discussion from Seed Wiki?. With the formatting fucked up.
Comments about "Wiki Alternatives to Seed Wiki? :-)
1) This (Seed Wiki?) is the MOST awful Wiki system I have ever seen. I suggest we move away from Seed Wiki to a better system as fast as possible. Reasons:

It doesn't display differences between any two versions of a page.
You have to code HTML in the text window.

    • Woohoo! A change! Well, point 2 and 3 are not really valid. For instance, if you scroll down a bit, you will see you can choose what you want to use as editor, including a text-editor, or a wysiwyg-editor. More important, however, is that I don't have the possibility to finely tune and restrict the editing-user-level (without paying seedwiki), so ppl can type whatever crap (*cough*) and abuse the system. Thus, indeed, this is only for testing purposes, and "we" (?) are already looking for something different for in the long run. Feel free to recommend other possibilities.

  • (3) Wiki Alternatives to Seed Wiki
Media Wiki
Media Wiki http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki is the software program that runs Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/ and other Wikimedia projects. Links : http://meta.wikipedia.org/ and http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/


It's simply the "best" system around. :)
Allow complicated content, without foreign patch (ie: formulas)
Very widespread. There are about 70 international Wikipedias and many other projects using it. See Wikipedia:Sites using Media Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sites_using_MediaWiki
Section Editing!
Auto-Generated Table of Contents
page: "My watchlist", link: "Watch this page"
"My contributions"

It's simply the "best" system around, and the Freenet project always tends towards inferior solutions to their problems. :(
Use Mod.
The father of Media Wiki. Homepage : http://www.usemod.com


Very widespread.
Fast (especially with perlmod activated)
Low server requirements
No Sql database required
many features
Core http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseModWiki/Features
recent http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseModWiki/NewFeatures
user-written (patches) http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiPatches

When comparing two revisions it doesn't display the differences in the page's source code.
Not so good as Media Wiki.
Encourages Camel Case links!!! I Ju St Ha Te To Se E An D Re Ad Tho Se Lin Ks!!!1!eleven

  • 3)March 12 2004 : I read somewhere (that one wasn't so "short" finally) that help was needed concerning the wiki, is help still needed ? What kind of help is needed ?
Choosing a wiki engine ? Installing the choosen engine ? Hosting the script ? Providing content/contributions ? Concerning the last point : can we contribute this wiki, or will another wiki replace seedwiki ?

    • 3.a) Regarding the wiki engine to install, Media Wiki? could be a good one, as you said, it's really powerful, and latest release (1.2.0rc3) install procedure is nice... -- Pas D Nick?
    • 3.b)12/03/04 - indeed...well, all help is welcommed, of course. First: ultimately, the goal would be to run a wikiserver myself (or by someone directly involved with the Freenetproject), Alternatively, it could be hosted by a wikifarm, but one that is better then seedwiki: 1)it must be free (speech and beer) 2)it must allow levels of read/write permissions to users 3)it should show the actual differences/changes made per version(it's difficult to compare, else)
A good wikifarm would be nice, in the short run. (As I won't be able to set up a wikiserver myself right away). To run one myself, it would have to be simple (no My SQL? etc.; that'll come later, maybe), it should run on win2000 (but not on IIS), preferably one that works with apache or java-based, or else with it's own simple webserver bundled.

Contributions/changes to the content of the freenet-pages on seedwiki will be incorporated (exept the comments and abuse/nonsense).


Don't look for a WYSIWYG wiki! That is just the Wrong Way(TM)!!!!!

features, it has:

RSS 2.0 FEED feature - new! Suscribed to all or certain wiki categories!!
Variable Start Title
Inter-Wiki , Intra-Wiki capability
Protected pages
Hidden Pages
IP filtering
Formatted Topic lines
Spaced Titles
Prevent Wiki Word processing
Source code support
Additonal image types
Style sheet
Hide long URL with short Title link
Make links open a new window
Wider Edit area
Fix slow connection save
Enhanced footnote navigation
Escape section for advanced formatting like tables, scripting, etc.
Variable icon per topic
and a lot more...

It is a work in progress but very stable. DOWNLOAD LOCATION:You can try it now by extracting http://wiki.bilog.2ya.com

~~~ from (lambda326[at]hotmail.com)
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