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Papers and Discussion Documents

FCP FEC Proposal rev. 1.0

A proposal presenting a set of new FCP commands that can be used to
encode and decode files using forward error correction (FEC).

Next Generation Routing Algorithm

This article describes the new mechanism for routing requests in Free Net.
It holds the promise of dramatically increasing Free Net's speed and

Protecting Freedom of Information

Online with :FreeNet
An IEEE Internet Computing article describing the Free Net architecture
circa 2002 - probably the best introduction to the theory behind
Free Net.

Free Net White Paper

Original white paper by Ian Clarke, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh 1999.

Review of Freenet White Paper

Short review of the original Freenet white paper.

Small-World Model and Freenet

Paper about using the Small-World Model to improve freenet performance.

FASD; a Fault-tolerant, Adaptive, Scalable Distributed Search Engine

This paper introduces FASD, a fault-tolerant, adaptive, scalable, and distributed search layer designed to augment existing peer-to-peer applications.

New darknet routing algorithm presentation

Presentation at DEFCON about the new darknet routing algorithm and progress towards 0.7