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  • Note: This wiki uses the Wikiserver (1.6 branche). Besides having the possibility to use wikipedia-syntax and html (when using a string), it now also has 'diff' showing capabilites, so differences for each page can be shown, and reverting is possible. There have been numerous bugfixes, but the wikiserver (maintained by Ryan) is still beta, and might still have some bugs left. (There is now also another Freenetwiki on the main freenetsite.)
Because of this, I have decided to place a html-based mirror of this wiki, so people can still (maybe) access the helppages, even if the wikiserver itself is down. The helppages may not include the latest changes/edits that are visible on the wiki, however.

Feel free to edit pages in accordance with the goal for which the wiki was created. You can also comment (metacomment) on the site about the wiki or the use of (other) wiki-engines on Comments Page, or ask questions or debate some issues you have with or about Freenet and Freenethelp. While being a free speech adept myself, this wiki is a community effort to deliver technical information about Freenet and thus it is not recommended to use other pages for dicussion-purposes. Spam is also not appreciated, obviously. To get a feel of the wiki, try out the Sand Box or maybe have a look at our Meta Sandbox first. Enjoy!

About this Site

Contents and info in these pages are given 'as is' and this wikisite does not make any guarantees as to the validity of the claims, info or suggestions made on these pages. As it deals with Freenet, some links given in these pages may require a running Freenode to work properly; these are called Freenetkeys.

This wiki Freenet-help site was started by Newsbyte .

But, of course, it could not have been created (at least, not as fast) without the invaluable input of Freesite-making contributors and other wiki-editors. To meet and chat with many of them; go to IIP (http://www.invisiblenet.net/iip/), #Freenet (alternatively, you can use i2p too) or have a look at their Flogs on Freenet. The domainname was generously donated to me by "S". Many thanks to all people who help and edit this wikisite in a meaningful way.

If you are running a Freenode, you can find the actual link/key of my Flog (Freenet Blog) here: