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Third Party Tools

[100] Existing
[200] Proposed
[300] Desired

[100] Existing

User Tools

FIW (Freesite Insertion Wizard)

Download Version 0.08
You can get it here as a zip file (530 KB) http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/fiwiz/fiw-0.08.zip?download.
Extract it and run fiw.jar. Exellent tool for inserting Freesites into Freenet. Happy Freenetting!
The src.zip file contains the source and an ant build file.


Windows tool for inserting and downloading Keys of Freenet. THE program to use when working with bigger files. Also works on linux using wine. For more details, see Fuqid.


A Linux-native FUQID clone. At quite an early stage of development (still classed as Alpha) right now, but works pretty well.
No freesite (yet?), get it from :
or see the unkeyed "FuQT" board on Frost for freenet keys.
E.g. fuqt 0.18.7 (most recent version at the time of writing) is here, assuming you run freenet on your local computer. Copy and paste the whole link to your browser's address bar, or use some download client on the "CHK" part :,r1c3RD31xj-W8nCtMCfPzw/fuqt-0.18.7.tar.gz
^^ Copy and paste into your browser, the wiki's formatting breaks freenet links


Freenet frontend written in Java. Sort of a combination bulletin board and file exchange system, topics are organised under a series of boards which anyone can create and "subscribe" to. Boards can be created that allow anyone to post to them or just the holders of the private Key. Supports multiple up/downloads, pseudo-identities via signed messages, searching and more. Recommended ...
Web : http://jtcfrost.sourceforge.net/
Official Freesite (assuming your node runs locally) :,wo3T%7EoLnVbWq-vuD2Kr86Q/frost/3//
^^ Copy and paste into your browser, the wiki's formatting breaks freenet links


A working personal messaging client for Freenet written in python and wxpython

Free Mail

http://f27.parsimony.net/forum66166/messages/6147.htm ("Free Mail's Future")
Free Mail provides strongly encrypted email over Freenet, turning Carnivore into a joke. Standard email programs are used by communicating parties. It's slow (and a CPU hog if you choose really strong encryption) but it does work and is used by quite a few people on Frost, various freesites etc. Ideally should be left running all the time for best results.
Currently dead

Freenet Liberator

Liberator is the unix guru's cli to the Freenet network, inserting and requesting easily and efficiently.


Snarfzilla is a GUI for the official Freenet Java server. It is also for creating music catalogs and downloading music from Freenet. It uses the wxPython library and runs on Linux and Windows. Snarfzilla incorporates Fair Tunes.
Snarfzilla is presently dead


A File sharing application designed for Freenet/IIP.


frottle (Freenet throttle) is a traffic control service for outdoor WiFi networks. In systems plagued by collisions, hidden-nodes and unequal signal strengths, frottle restores QoS by giving fair, co-ordinated access to bandwidth.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum (Ordo for short) is a pathologically secured, invitation only secure communications framework. It is built on top of the Freenet crypto libraries.


FreeWeb is an easy but powerful client program for Freenet. It facilitates easy creation and maintenance of anonymous uncensorable websites (freesites) within Freenet. Goodbye Big Brother!

fhc -- Freenet Haskell Client

A Freenet client written in Haskell. Supports KSK-based messaging and 822<->Frost conversion.

Freenet, Entropy, Samizdat Controller

Freenet, Entropy, and Samizdat Controller is a small application which allows you to control Freenet, Entropy, and Samizdat.


FreenetMTA makes it possible to transfer email messages via Freenet using standard email protocols (POP, SMTP). FreenetMTA works with standard email clients, provides anonymous, encrypted mail exchange and redundant mail storage.


This program make a graphical representation of your network based in coordinates. You can control installed software in each item of hardware. The images are dynamically constructed using the PHP language.


Command-line download tool for Freenet in the spirit of Wget.

Developer Tools and Libraries

FCP Class Library

A library of cross-platform C++ classes to allow communication with Freenet via FCP

Perl FCP

perlfcp provides the features of the Freenet Client Protocol to apps written in perl. It also contains a number of prototype apps.


A python API for Freenet and FCP
Appears to be unmaintained

Freenet for Python

Freenet-python provides Freenet protocol support for Python.
Appears to be unmaintained.

[200] Proposed

Embedded Freenet Project (EFP)

EFP aims to create embedded Freenet clients. It's ultimate goal is to provide a stable enough protocol that can be scaled to hundreds, perhaps thousands of embedded devices working off a one or two nodes.


FreeBBS's goal is to create a system for posting messages in Freenet in a BBS fashion. A standard will be established and clients in several languages will be coded. The first step will be to write simple clients for incremental msgs for KSK's.


The end goal of the FreeMess Project is to produce a cryptographically secure, pseudonymous, cross-platform peer-to-peer Instant Messenger service, piggybacking on Freenet as a distributed filesystem to hold user data.


FreeSQL is an attempt to build a SQL layer for Freenet, so that you can use Freenet as the storage component for SQL-based applications. Implemented (for now) in perl, it strives for total SQL compliance, so that any SQL-based app can be ported to Freenet

Open Peer To Peer Network

OPPN implements a different side of the adaptive network concept (used on Freenet) by Ian Clarke, made to allow data transversal through small groups of nodes (institutions, country wide, as an example).

EDIN Deamon/Protocol Expandable Distributed Information Network, similer in function to gnucleus and freenet.

[300] Desired

Some of these are Freenet itself, rather than a third party tool

Please feel free to
  • add to the list
  • add comments
  • change the order (most desired first)
  1. Free Mail<->Email Gateway
  2. Working Free Mail
  3. Freesite Preservation
  4. Google like search
  5. Seed node distribution
  6. Precaching of links
  7. Distribute partially filled data store
  8. TUKs
  9. Extra content
  10. Cross-platform Freenet implementation in C/C++