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The configuration file that stores information about the users for this wikiserver.

Format of keys

Keys in Users.wkc have the format


Where <username> is the name of this user, and <password> is his/her respective password. The value of the keys in Users.wkc are the settings wikiserver uses for the particular users.


These are the permissions that the user has.

You can use one of them, none of them, or any sort of combination you want.

I.E. the <permissions> value can be r, rw, rwa, wa, etc.


This gives the user read access and the ability to view pages on your wiki.


This gives the user write access and the ability to edit, change, and possibly delete pages on your wiki.


Users with a access are administrators and have full access to administer the wiki remotely, and in combination with the w permission can also edit any page, including locked pages.


The wiki page the user will be sent to upon entering the wiki and logging on.


Number of days to display on the Recent Changes page.

Anonymous User

The anonymous user is a user without a username and (most likely) password.

Users who first visit your site are anonymous users.

To give all users read and write access, you'd put the following line in Users.wkc:

This lets an anonymous user edit any page except locked pages.