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The known problem with dating is making Recent Changes sometimes omit a page (e.g. Q And A) that has been changed. -- vk

As a minor convenience, certain files, such as config.wkc, should have "return linefeed", instead of just "linefeed". -- vk

I unzipped the archives and started the server, but attempts to use it result in "500 Internal error". Any ideas? -- vk

OH YEAH - you need to make a temp directory. An artifact of the way EE's wikiserver does things (It uses printf like nuts, whatever happened to puts? :p).

Some of the "last updated" dates are wrong. For an example, view Wiki Footer. -- vk

They should be more accurate now - there were some bumps on the road to the new versioning system. I think those are mostly past me now...

Eddie thought his markup for bold, italic, etc., was reasonably designed. That's questionable. I'm not suggesting that other designs are necessarily perfect either. One tends to get problems in allowing quotes as markup, yet also allowing them as normal punctuation. Things tend to go wrong when something you want to be bold or italic itself begins or ends in a quote.

Provision of templates is a much-debated issue. Too many may seem like overkill, but too few means complexity or lack of scope.

Where "----" is used to produce an <hr> line between two paragraphs, you also get a line of whitespace before and after the <hr> line. Easy to see why. Trickier to solve.
Due to the <br> inserted before and after probably, due to the return-break
feature. SOLVED
You get whitespace when the adjacent text is within a paragraph. That's why Ward used <p></p> to separate paragraphs rather than enclose them (although there should be at least a space between the tags, as a null paragraph is not strictly legal). The code below avoids whitespace (if not in a paragraph).

No whitespace... but perhaps the solution has drawbacks - I'll give it some thought.
Right - I took out the paragraph <p> part of Eddie's parser entirely and went with
<br> instead. Something in my gut tells me I screwed up something by
doing this - but I'm not sure what - plus everything looks ok...

In order to get all the code past the W3C validator, you had to take out wrap="soft", but that is useful for older browsers that don't do it by default.
I can stick it back in - or mayby template the edit/merge pages....
mayby that's overkill?

Although such a template would only occasionally be changed, it does allow various aspects to be customized, while retaining 99% compliant HTML, with 100% compliance possible (by editing the template) for those who see that as more important than making editing easier when certain browsers are used. If you prefer not to have an editing template, certain features of the editing page could still be customizable via parameter definitions in the config file and/or the users file. It's foreseeable that individual users would have different preferences as to how many rows and columns there are in the editing box. -- vk