How To Change Hamachi To Home Network Windows 10 [2023]

Concerning how to change Hamachi To Home Network Windows 10, all you need to do to set up Hamachi on Windows 10 is to change the network adapter settings that the program creates.

Table of Contents

Step 1

Open network connections – for this in Windows 10, just click on the search button and enter the word ” network “, then among the items found, select and click on ” View network connections “.

Step 2

Open the properties of the network adapter, which is called ” Hamachi “.

In the next window, open the properties of the IPv4 protocol and then click on the ” Advanced ” button.

Step 3

Here you need, firstly, to remove the registered gateway.

And secondly, change the value of the interface metric by writing the number 10 there.

This completes the settings in Windows, it remains to change the settings of the Hamachi program itself, for more details, see this instruction.

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