How To Change Keyboard Theme In Samsung Step By Step [2023]

How to change keyboard theme on Samsung

Wondering how to change keyboard theme in Samsung? Almost every owner of the phone wants to customize it as it suits him. This is usually done by installing different themes, wallpapers, icons, and font changes, but that’s not all. One option to make your phone more personal is to change the keyboard theme.

How to change keyboard theme in Samsung may not seem like a trivial task, and in some places it is. In this article, I will tell you how to change the keyboard theme on Samsung.

How to change keyboard theme on Samsung

How to change keyboard theme in Samsung happens in several ways. The simplest option has drawbacks, namely, a rather meager number of colors. This can be done in the following way.

Open the settings and go to the General settings section.

After that, go to the Samsung Keyboard Settings section.

Select the Theme section.

We choose a theme from as many as four types.

Agree, not enough. They can be slightly adjusted in color, making them contrasting. To do this, in the Samsung keyboard settings section, open the Contrast theme section.

Put the switch on and choose a theme.

For me, this is not enough. I wish the color of the keyboard would match the theme of the phone.

How to change the color of the keyboard on Samsung according to the theme

Another live hack on how to change the color of the keyboard on Samsung is through themes. Open themes in the phone settings.

We find the theme whose color we would like to see on the keyboard. We focus on the theme color. Sheets screenshots of the topic at the very end and see how the keyboard is displayed. If everything suits you, click download and install.

Some themes are paid, be careful. If this option does not suit you either, then you can change the keyboard theme if you install another keyboard program. I would say a normal keyboard. Yes, I do not like the original keyboard from Samsung.

Change keyboard color on Samsung via Gboard

Gboard is a keyboard app from Google. This program, in my opinion, is much better than the standard keyboard from Samsung. In Gboard, you can easily change themes, there are just a lot of options. Download the Google Play Store app from the link below.

Download Gboard;

Next, you need to replace the standard keyboard with Gboard. To do this, in the phone settings, open the section General settings – List of available keyboards – Default keyboard. Choose Gboard.

After that, you can proceed to set the desired keyboard color. In the General Settings section, open the Gboard Settings item.

After that, open the Theme section.

From a large list, find the theme you like and apply it.

By now you need to be well conversant on how to change keyboard theme in Samsung!

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