How To Change Language On HBO Max For Free [2023]

How to change language in HBO Max?

How to change language on HBO Max? What you need to do to be able to change the language of a movie, series, or documentary on HBO Max is very simple: first, you need to log in to watch the content, and then you need to pause the movie. At the bottom, it gives you the option to preview and snooze the movie after playing or pausing the movie, and on the far right, a language icon appears that you must tap and shows you the option to add subtitles and select a language.

how to change language on hbo max

HBO Max default language

If you’re a fanatic or fan of HBO products, classics, and latest releases, you know that English is the authentic language for most TV shows and movies, and if you’re in your area, you’ll probably want to know how to change language on HBO Max so you can trust HBO Max without any problems. Depending on the device you are viewing content on, you will need to take into account some steps to complete this process, it is very simple!

How can I change the language in HBO Max?

Depending on the configuration, the HBO Max app uses the same language that you have set as your device preference. In any case, if you want how to change language on HBO Max, you can do so by doing the following:

Change language on different devices

Phone or tablet: Tap the profile icon (bottom edge on the phone, left edge on a tablet), then tap Settings (top left). Select the display language, then click the language you want to use.

Your TV: Select your profile icon (upper left corner), then select the display language (under the My Profile tab). Select the language you want to use and click Save.

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Computer: Select your profile icon (top right), then select a display language. Select the language you want to use and click OK. This will make HBO Max switch to the language you selected. Display language setting it will be saved in your profile and all your devices will use the same settings.

Other important information: HBO Max content will automatically play audio in the original language. with on-screen subtitles that match your language.

How to change audio or subtitle language in HBO Max?

Most content has Multiple audio languages ​​and subtitles available. To see which languages ​​are available, start browsing the content, then click the audio and translation button (looks like a chat popup) in the content player. There you can select the audio language and translation.

What’s on HBO Max?

With the advent of HBO Max, the platform will feature content from HBO Spain, Warner Media, and Discovery. , so it will have some content available from established channels like Cartoon Network, TNT, Adult Swim, DC Universe, or production companies like New Line Cinema, Warner Bros, and more. Hope you have enjoyed the guide on how to change language on HBO Max!

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