How To Change Server In Free Fire In Simple Steps [2023]

How to change the Garena Free Fire region

Welcome to how to change server in free fire. Everyone plays Garena Free Fire, that’s understandable. It has become a versatile video game that players around the world play day after day for fun and competition. The thing is, when it comes to the game, it might not be as versatile as we think it is with its servers. When it comes to matchmaking, all regions are segregated, meaning matchmaking is completely separated by region. These regions are different continents of the planet, for example, Central Europe or North America. If you want to change the location in Garena Free Fire, this is your article and we will explain how to do it easier.

Because if, We confirm that location change is possible in Garena Free Fire. so you can check how they play in other regions or know people who play far away from your continent to be able to play with them. As of now, Garena is not officially considering this and they have already answered this question. So unless they are required to change your continental server, they won’t do it except in very special and specific cases. But don’t worry, because we know how to achieve this, and it’s also very easy and simple. You won’t need to mess with Garena Free Fire or anything like that.

Why should you try changing the region in Garena Free Fire?

To begin with, on how to change server in free fire, you need to understand well what the benefits of changing the region are. It’s not that you just don’t have friends and want to play with them if, for example, you left Europe to live in America. It also depends on the server on which you are competitiveness increases or decreases. That is, there are servers like North American or European ones with a higher level of players. This might be of interest to many competitive Garena Free Fire players who are looking to explore the possibility of facing a different meta and a completely different type of game.

How to change location in Garena Free Fire?

As we have already said about how to change server in free fire, the official company of Free Fire, Garena, does not allow you to change the server just like that. At least for now. Therefore, everything will depend on whether we manage to change our location or IP address. This way we can fool the video game and tell it that we are in a completely different region of the world. This way we will bypass zone control and be able to play on another server. This is called using a VPN app on your mobile phone.

There are different applications, but we decided to use the so-called Turbo VPN. Although, if you know another one like Hola Free VPN, it will also work as we tell you on how to change server in free fire. If possible, and as an important tip for using this type of app that require certain things, we advise you to always download them from the Google Play Store because you know that these are legal apps that have passed Google’s control and will not cause problems for you.

Once you have selected the country that is part of the region you want to play in, all you have to do is open Garena Free Fire without closing the VPN and you will see that from now on you will be on a different server and in another region. So you can already change the location in Garena Free Fire. From now on, as we promised, you will be able to play with your friends from this region or compete against the best players in the world of Garena Free Fire.

As a final note, if you have chosen another recommended VPN, Hello Free VPN, you will have the option to change the IP individually, i.e. without having to completely change your smartphone. Once you can open the app, you will need to select the Garena Free Fire video game and from the menu that appears, you will need to select the region in which you will play. Both VPNs are very good for the purpose we had when we started posting.

How to download Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day?

You may also be new or new to Garena Free Fire and came here just looking for information about the video game and especially how to change server in free fire, but not knowing how or where. Well, once again in Android Guides we are going to help you because simply We leave you the link above to the Google Play Store and the official video game. Now you can download it, and later, if you want to play with people from another region, apply the tutorial – the guide we made here in this article.

We hope you found this article useful and that from now on you will become the best Free Fire player by training with the best players from other regions. See you in the next Android Guides article, but if you have any questions or suggestions on how to change server in free fire, you can leave them in the comment box and we’ll read you.

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