How To Change Your Language On Skype Ultimate Guide [2023]

How to change the language in Skype

How to change your language on Skype. Sometimes it happens that when you turn on or update Skype for the first time, the language is set to English. This is due to the system language of the operating system or various installation failures. But the situation is quite simple to fix. Consider a few simple ways to change the language in Skype.

how to change your language on Skype

Option to change the translation

Skype can quickly change the language. To do this, you need to run the program, select the Tools menu in the toolbar and click on Change language. A pop-up list will appear containing all the available translations of the program. It’s quite long, so you may need to scroll through it, it is near the end.

But it is not necessary to look for the desired translation from a long list. You can first change the keyboard layout to it, then perform all the above manipulations, and when the window opens, press the “p” key on the keyboard. Then in Skype, the translation will change.

Setting in settings

It is also possible that the first method, due to some circumstances, did not work. Then there is a longer option, how to change the language in Skype. But it will work anyway. Everything will be done in the program settings. You can open them through the Tools menu, Options item. There we need the General settings section, which is initially open.

In the window, there will be a language selection form with a down arrow. Click on it, and a list of all available localizations will appear. It must be scrolled almost to the very end, there will be the desired item. Now it remains only to confirm the changes, to do this, click on the oval Save button at the bottom of the window. The localization will immediately change without the need to restart the program.

Using Third-Party Language Packs

Skype has been translated into a large number of languages, but you may not find the desired localization among them. For such situations like how to change your language on Skype, it is possible to install third-party localizations, which were created by users. You can find the translation you need on the Internet, it is best to focus on topics from the Skype community.

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