How To Create A Local Area Network In Windows 7 [2023]

LAN connection of a Windows 7 computer and setting up sharing

Hi all. Now I will tell you how to create a local area network in Windows 7. The home network is set up quite simply, and I tried to describe everything in as much detail as possible. But if you have any difficulties, then write your questions in the comments.

Step 1: Connecting Computers

First of all, on how to create a local area network in Windows 7, we need to connect our computers based on Windows 7 to the local network. There are several ways to connect them.

  1. Router
  2. Switch
  3. Direct PC-PC connection

Step 2: Network settings

This step of setting up a local home network in Windows 7 is only needed if you are not connecting using a router. The fact is that the router has a DHCP server inside, which automatically pulls IP addresses to all connected devices. In any other case, you need to enter the settings manually.

NOTE! If you are connected using a router, skip this step.

  1. Right-click on the connection and go to the control center.
  2. Go to the “Change adapter settings” section.
  3. Now go to the “Properties” of the connection that you use to connect to the local network.
  4. Click once on the fourth protocol and then go to “Properties”. Now a little clarification: we need to specify an IP for each computer on the network – so you must do these steps for each.

Enter the following in the IP address line :

  • – the first PC
  • – second PC
  • – third PC
  • And so on…

You are allowed to change the last digit to any other in the range from 10 to 254. The subnet mask will be installed automatically. Main Gate- here the IP of the device that has access to the Internet is usually entered – it can be a router or a computer with two network cards. If not, then skip this line. DNS- enter only if you already have a gateway and access to the Internet. If you have a gateway, then enter DNS from Google in both lines: and

Step 3: Checking the working group

Go to “Properties” on the computer.

  • “Computer” or “Full Name” – must be different on all connected devices.
  • “Workgroup” – must be the same on all PCs. The default is “WORKGROUP”.

If one of the conditions does not match, then click “Change settings” and set one workgroup and different computer names.

Step 4: Setting Up Sharing

After all, we want to share some information on the network, share folders, printers, etc. To do this, you need to go in and set up sharing on the PC on which you will share information. But after learning how to create a local area network in Windows 7.

  1. We click RMB on the connection and go to the network control center.
  2. You are already connected to the network – click on the type of network just below and select “Home” or “Company network”.
  3. Now go to the third item in the left block to change the sharing settings.
  4. Now set the parameters as in the pictures below and save the parameters.

Step 5: Create a Shared Folder

On the network, you can share something: photos, music, videos, movies, and other files. To do this, you need to create a shared folder on one of the computers.

  1. We create a folder anywhere in the system, go to “Properties” using RMB, go to the “Access” tab, and click on the “Sharing” button.
  2. From the drop-down list, select “All”, click on the add button, and select the access level below: “Read” or “Read and write”. Click on the main button below.
  3. To avoid connection problems, click “Advanced settings”, select the top checkmark, and click on the “Permissions” button.
  4. Usually there is no one in the list, click “Add”.
  5. “Additionally”.
  6. Click “Search”, find “All” in the list, and select and click “OK”.
  7. Now this category of users will appear here, again click “OK”.
  8. Now select the access level for this category and apply the configuration.

The shared folder will appear in the Network section and will be located on the dedicated computer. All devices connected to the local network can access it. Hope you have enjoyed how to create a local area network in Windows 7.

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