How To Delete Files From Memory Card Permanently [2023]


Surely there are completely unnecessary files on your smartphone that only take up extra space. You can always remove them so they don’t move around. How to delete files from memory card permanently, you will learn from our article.

I would like to note right away that the user can delete any files other than system files, although the latter can also be deleted with superuser rights, which in turn can turn the device into a brick. Therefore, if you are not sure whether it is possible to delete a particular file, it is better not to touch it.

Deleting files is possible not only with the help of the device itself but also with the help of a computer – when the device is connected to it. Let’s go in order.

Deleting files through the file manager

You will need a file manager. We use ES Explorer in our examples.

Download FM from the Google Play Store, if you don’t have it yet, install and run it. When you start you will see something like this:

Highlighted in red is the device memory and memory card, respectively. Select the section where you want to delete files.

Let’s say the deletion will occur from the memory card. Select this section and see a list of folders and files.

To delete a folder, tap on it and hold your finger for about a second until it becomes highlighted, for example:

Then click on the trash can icon at the top of the screen to delete.

If you need to delete a file in a folder, go into the folder and do the same trick. File deleted.

Deleting files using a computer

In this case, you need to connect the device to the computer using a cable. After that, open the contents of the device – either internal memory or a memory card.

Next, select a folder, for example, DCIM – photos are stored in it.

See files. Select the ones you need and delete them in the usual way in the trash.

If necessary, delete files from the trash on your computer. It’s so easy and simple to delete files on Android. The main thing is not to remove something superfluous.

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