How To Disable K7 Antivirus From A Computer [2023]

How to disable K7 antivirus from a computer

Instructions on how to completely remove K7 antivirus programs from your computer using the official K7 Security Removal Tool

Antivirus programs K7 – provide basic or comprehensive protection in real-time. If you are faced with the problem of deleting these products, then use this instruction.

Removing K7 antivirus through the control panel

Open the Windows Control Panel and select the menu “Uninstall Programs”, Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” Find all K7 antivirus programs in the list and uninstall them.

Click on “Uninstall” to start uninstalling:

If the K7 antivirus was protected with a password, then it must be entered to confirm the removal of the antivirus:

If an incorrect password is entered, an “Invalid Password” error will appear and the uninstall will not start:

In this case, you can only remove K7 antivirus using the official removal utility, which will be described later.

If you entered the wrong password or the password was not set, the removal of the antivirus from the system will start, which may take a long time:

After the uninstall is complete, restart your computer to ensure a complete cycle of how to disable K7 antivirus.

Removing K7 Antivirus Using the K7 Security Removal Tool

If K7 antivirus is not in the list of installed programs, the K7 uninstaller does not start, or an error occurs during uninstallation, you can use a special utility from the K7 developers that will completely remove all traces of the following K7 antivirus products from your computer:

  • K7 AntiVirus Plus
  • K7 AntiVirus Premium
  • K7 Internet Security
  • K7 Total Security
  • K7 Ultimate Security

Close all running programs and open windows. Download and run the ” K7RT.exe ” file. Click on the button ” Click to Scan & Remove any traces of K7 Security Product “:

Confirm the deletion by clicking the “Yes” button:

After successfully managing how to disable K7 antivirus, you will be prompted to restart the computer. Click “Yes” to reboot:

After rebooting the system, K7 antivirus products will be completely removed from your computer.

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