How To Do Invisible Ink iMessage On iPhone Or iPad [2023]

How to send a message in invisible ink on iPhone or iPad

Welcome to a guide on how to do invisible INK iMessage. Back in 2016, Apple outdid itself by releasing a large-scale update to the regular iMessage messenger. You will not see such advanced features in any competitor service. It’s a pity that iMessage only works between Apple devices. In this article, we will tell you how to send private messages written in invisible ink to iPhone and iPad.

By default, all iPhone and iPad owners have the feature of how to do invisible INK iMessage. And even if third parties cannot unlock the device, then it will not be difficult to view the beginning of the message. Just look at the lock screen.

To prevent this from happening, you must send a message written in invisible ink. To read it, you need to unlock the device and go to iMessage, then tap on the veiled cloud, and only then the text will appear. Have a look at how to do invisible INK iMessage.

How to send a message written in invisible ink

To create a special message, write the text and make long tap on the blue send button (the green button indicates that you are sending an SMS, not a free iMessage message.

A longer press (with force) activates the Send with Effect menu. The Invisible Ink effect is available on the Cloud tab. Select it and click the Submit button.

Swiping on a message will reveal the content. After a few seconds of inactivity, the text will again drag on with white noise.

Images, including video, are sent in the same way – to view, you need to “wipe off the protective layer”.

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