How To Increase Speed In VLC On Mac And Windows [2023]

How to Control Speed ​​in VLC Media Player

Wondering how to increase speed in VLC! Controlling the speed of your videos can be a frustrating task for available media players. If you are a movie or sports lover, you will enjoy watching your favorite clips in detail. However, not every program offers you good speed control. Luckily, the open-source VLC media player is a great software to control the playback speed of all video formats. Speed ​​control is also easy and requires a few clicks or keystrokes.

Part 1. How to Use VLC Media Player to Control Windows Speed

Since it is open-source software, you can download VLC from or trusted sources such as or download its Mac version. Follow these steps on how to increase speed in VLC.

1. Launch the VLC media player and open the video file in the media tab or by simply double-clicking the file.

2. Now go to playback and go to speed. There are four options: Faster, Faster (Normal), Normal Speed, Slower, and Slower (Normal). Select a slower or slower precise speed according to your convenience.

Now play the video by heating the spacebar or pressing the play button. It only takes two steps to control the speed. Use the spacebar steps to restore normal speed, but select the normal speed option from the speed menu.

Part 2. How to Control Speed ​​- Using VLC on Mac

You can control the playback speed of your video in VLC. If you can control the playback speed, that means you can either watch the video in slow motion or just play it fast as you need. is a good source for downloading VLC media players. Download the Mac version of VLC from the website. However, you can also download from sources such as download. and follow the steps below to control the speed of your video.

1. Play the video with VLC media player or you can open it from Media menu with the Open File options.

2. Now go to playback and open Options under Speed. You will have two-speed options – slower and faster. Use the one you like and play the video.

You may find it a bit of a concern if you are playing heavy format videos that have a file size in GBs. You can always play it normally by going to the speed option and choosing normal speed.

Part 3: Using the Slow Motion Hotkey

If you don’t want to pause and go to the menu to slow down the video, you can easily use hotkeys to slow down the video. Hotkeys provide much better control over speed as it has many variations when it comes to slowing down. having mastered how to increase speed in VLC, you can slow down the video from the usual 1.0x to the same low .03x and there are 10-speed variations.

Still, on how to increase speed in VLC, use “ [ ” to slow down the video playback. Press once, it will go down to 0.9x, the second time to 0.8x, and so on. To reach normal speed, just press“=” and the video will play at normal speed.

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