How To Make A Bootable DVD Using PowerISO [2023]

How to burn an ISO boot disk

A complete guide on how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO. Users of personal computers have repeatedly come across the concept of a boot disk. Undoubtedly, outwardly it is an ordinary CD or DVD, but its functions and capabilities are completely different. It is autonomous. It can function based on the Linux or Windows platform.

Very often, users call such a boot disk a boot CD. It is used to solve various problems as far as how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO:

  • OS installation;
  • Data recovery;
  • Testing;
  • Detection of malicious software or viruses on the computer.

Still on how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO, if you need to make a bootable CD / DVD yourself, then you will need to use some useful recommendations. It’s no secret that there are many free alternatives, you need to use the most rational and affordable method.

To be able to download the program from the disk and complete the tasks, it will not be enough to record using the usual method, since it will not be possible to autonomously install the operating system on the PC from it in the future. This is because the disk will have a completely different structure, which is different from the boot disk. CD or DVD will be the usual storage medium where folders and archives will be placed. Therefore, special programs are required.

Steps Required

On how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO, first, you need to use the UltraSO program, where various variations of Windows are available. Download the program to your computer. It is paid, but a trial version is available for registered users, which can be used for 30 calendar days. You can download the download file on the website of the program developer.

After the file is downloaded, run the program. You will need to check the box next to access with administrator rights. A special shortcut should have appeared on the desktop. To continue the process, you must check the box that this is a trial period.

how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO

Next, a window will appear. On the left side we find “File” and in the drop-down menu select the operating system that we need for further work. It could be, in this case, Windows 7 or Windows 8. XP. Next, go to the main program window, and find the Tools tab. Next, we proceed directly to the recording.

Next, for recording, select the drive where it will be carried out. You will also need to select the desired speed. To achieve the desired result, 4X (600kb / s) is suitable. Next, we proceed directly to the recording process. In the process of these simple actions, the user should not have difficulties. The process is simple and fast to complete.

If you have not encountered similar tasks before, you should find out what a virtual image is and how to use and open the iso format. This optical disc has a special file system. Use it for subsequent recording to a physical disk. There are also situations when the user only needs a certain file located on the optical disk.

In this case, it will be necessary to open it for subsequent copying. There are a lot of programs for reading ISO images. Not everyone knows that most often they are on any computer. So, WinIso, Nero, CDBurnerXP UltraIso, Alcohol, PowerISO, daemon tools, and many others are suitable for this purpose.

To quickly complete tasks, you can use Winrar or 7-Zip. Most users are familiar with these programs.

Consider the option of opening an ISO file using Winrar. To do this, through the start menu, find the program, go to the drop-down menu, and specify the path to the file. Next, we find “Open archive” and go to the file that we need for subsequent copying or just opening.

Next, we will consider how the user can independently burn a boot disk using another program that is available free of charge. Consider the CDBurnerXP program.

What to download

First, you need to download the program to your computer. The developers recommend using some tips:

  • When starting special programs, do not use others, and do not overload the computer with other processes;
  • Before using a CD/DVD, you need to make sure that it is in good condition, there are no visible defects on it, and there are no scratches or fingerprints on it;
  • If you plan to record on an RW disk, then you must first delete all the data contained on it.

Next, we launch the program. To avoid software conflicts if you have Nero on your PC, it is recommended to enter the settings window using the following method Option-Settings-Record. The settings window will appear.

Next, you need to find the image file on your computer and open it. The interface is as simple and convenient as possible. The user can select Russian. There are graphic images that you can quickly navigate.

You can start the burning procedure through the options Tools – Burn CD image. Next, select the drive, write speed, and confirm the action. So in other programs, you need to pay attention to speed. It should be as low as possible. Select the automatic recording method, and click “Burn Disc”.

To properly record, you need a large reserve of time, since in this case there will be a better burn of the track. That is why they choose the lowest available speed.

At the end of the process of how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO, a notification about this will appear on the screen, and the disc tray will be ejected automatically.


There are a lot of programs for burning a boot disk in the matter of how to make a bootable DVD using PowerISO. All of them operate according to one specific algorithm, except for some nuances. Usually, all the features of the program are written in the same place where the file for download is provided. If you follow all the recommendations, you can prepare a boot disk as soon as possible without special knowledge of programming.

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