How To Make a Lyric Video On PC And Phone For Free [2023]

Animated lyric videos have a strong foothold in the music industry and have always been an important part of it. When television became a daily necessity, the creation of videos with text became the best entertainment content to distribute. Making an animated lyric video is one of the best ways to make a video clip on a budget. In this article, you will learn how to make a lyric video and the best software to create an animated lyric video on a PC and phone.

Part 1: What is an animated lyric video?

The term animated lyric video is self-explanatory to understand what it means. When the lyrics of a song appear on screen in an animated version throughout the song, it is usually said to be an animated lyric video.

These clips are different from regular music videos. Adding flashes and loops to lyrics can enhance a simple lyric video.

For example, there are times when you can’t understand the lyrics of a song, or maybe you want to sing in another language and can’t understand the lyrics or words, at such times the animated video with the lyrics makes it easier for you to understand.

Part 2: Best Lyric Video Software on PC

1. Animaker


  • Kinetic typography effects
  • The free version will suit any beginner to start animating

One of the most useful free animation tools, Animaker offers a range of video templates to customize your video to your liking.

For beginners, Animaker is the best writing tool that is easy to understand and use without anyone’s help. Just choose the right template and play the video to start customizing your animated lyric video with the right effects as you like. Animaker Features:-


  • Library of over 40 fonts
  • Download custom fonts according to your requirements
  • Over 60 transition styles

2. VSDC Free Video Editor


  • Multicolor chroma key
  • Adjustable parameter settings

Whether it’s your home or your business, VSDC’s free video editor has versatile features that allow you to create lyrical videos. You can edit any video and files.

The free VSDC video editor supports all popular audio and video formats and codecs, including HD, DVD, and GoPro videos. Peculiarities:


  • Text overlay
  • An array of graphs and charts
  • No sequencing is required, non-linear editing system
  • Hardware acceleration

3. iMovie


  • Color correction, green-screen effects, and animated maps
  • You can start the animation on your iPhone and continue on your iPad.

For Mac and iOS users, the iMovie song lyric maker offers many features. With a range of studio-quality animation styles, iMovie helps you create an animated lyric video with a range of animated titles and cutscenes.

You just need to select a clip and add effects, titles, or music. Features include:


  • 10 creative video filters for lyrics
  • Picture in Picture and Split Screen Effects
  • Built-in music, sound effects, and voice recording

4. Superstring


  • Easily customize texts, backgrounds, and effects
  • Intuitive and simple with the right tools

Superstring is the easiest way to create an animated lyric video on both Windows and Mac. You just need to select the song you want to animate the lyrics for, drag it into this animation tool, align the lyrics by typing it in, make other adjustments, and export. Superstring features:


  • Innovative interface
  • Easy drag and drop when creating text

5. Youtube Movie Maker


  • Change layout and location
  • Create 3D karaoke video lyrics with YouTube Movie Maker v10 or later.

It has the best built-in animated lyric video maker feature which makes YouTube Movie Maker a great choice when it comes to creating one. You can create lyrics videos with various animation styles.

Its official website also offers various excellent animated lyric videos for your reference. Peculiarities:


  • Customize fonts, sizes, colors, styles
  • Add motion effects, masks or shadows, background or music

Part 3: Best Animated Lyric Video Maker App

1. Music Video Maker


  • Multiple fonts and colors to choose from
  • Add zoom-in and zoom-out effects

Do you want your lyric video to dance to the rhythm of the song? Music video maker app is one of the best animated lyric video maker apps where lyrics or photos dance to your tune. Features include:


  • Add songs from the built-in library or from your own music library
  • Amazing filters that will make your lyric music video look like a movie
  • Add text and subtitles to images and photos

2. VidLab


  • Full control over animation, positioning, opacity, and text size
  • Fun overlays, shapes, and masks

VidLab is a multi-clip video editor that makes it very easy to create amazing lyrical videos. You just need to customize it by adding text, music, artwork, sound effects, etc. Features:


  • Multiple font collections or adding your own fonts
  • An ever-growing collection of video effects


All of the above animated lyric video makers are great resources for beginners. These animation tools have a very instinctive interface and offer various tutorials to get you up to speed on lyrical animation. There are free trial periods where you can choose the best lyric video maker of your choice. If you want to create videos easily, try using Wondershare Filmora. It is one of the best animated lyric video makers. Download it now to have a try!

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