How To Open APK Files On iOS Procedural Guide [2023]


How to Install APK on iOS

 An exclusive guide on how to open APK files on iOS. iOS and Android are popular mobile operating systems with significant differences. UI design is the tip of the iceberg, followed by technical issues: architecture, scalability, feature, and application support. The question “How to open APK files on iOS?” for these reasons, is not easy to solve, but there is a way out!

What is an APK file

Files with the .apk extension are used to install Android programs. Having opened any of them, the user will see a window with information about the application: it will be prompted to complete the installation. Depending on the version of the system under which the application was built, a list of permissions required by the software may be displayed.

When using Google Play or another built-in market (for example, Galaxy Store), the user does not notice the download of the APK file – the process is carried out in a “silent” mode. When an application is downloaded from third-party sources such as websites on the Internet, the “installation wizard” needs to be run by itself. This may result in a warning about the potential danger of this action, which can be ignored if the APK is obtained from a trusted resource.

What is the APK equivalent in iOS?

The .ipa format files have a similar APK function on Apple devices. Downloading applications on iOS is carried out through the AppStore if you do not use hacks. In other words, iPad and iPhone owners other than enthusiasts and developers usually don’t have to run installers manually. Moreover, this is actively prevented by the security policy of the system.

When trying how to open APK files on iOS, there will be a problem: the OS does not know how to work with this format. Despite this, the file will be in the internal storage or on the memory card. It can be sent to another device running Android by any means. Since the proprietary iCloud does not fully work on the competitor’s system, you can download Dropbox as a cloud, which pleases with cross-platform.

Can Android apps work on iOS?

No, because operating systems have different architectures and APIs. Given the “closeness” of Apple’s developments, one should not expect such a function to appear at the native level in the future. There are also no emulators that could allow you to run Android applications, albeit with low performance.

Despite this, both systems remain functional and have a large number of users. They receive regular updates announced at high-profile presentations. The OS is aimed at a wide audience, so developers are trying to release software for both platforms at the same time. The companies developing these products themselves are no exception, so it will not be difficult to download Google Search on the iPhone.

The reason for this shortcoming, as well as the lack of significant developments over the long period of existence of both systems, is simple – the operation is too complex for a universal utility to handle. The situation is complicated by the fact that the assembled application does not contain the entire source code, but only a narrow set of commands.

In the past, there was the MechDome project, aimed at developers who didn’t want to spend a lot of time porting software. It didn’t get the attention it deserved and was abandoned. The official site is not available. There have never been any services aimed at ordinary iOS users.

How to open APK files on Android/Windows/Mac

Android supports these files natively, they are easy to open without additional software. It is enough to tap the name of the installer in the file manager to proceed with the installation. Problems for Android owners are rare but can be caused by version incompatibility or file corruption. In the first case, it is worth updating the system or downloading an old release of the application, in the second, downloading the software again, possibly from another source.

Android apps are also available to Windows and macOS owners, but the answer to the question “Can I install APK on iOS?” – is negative because it is an incompatible format.

Windows 11

The latest version of Windows contains software designed to interact with the Android environment. It includes tools for developers, based on which the WSATools utility was created, which allows you to run mobile applications like any other software on a PC.

Next, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download update KB5010414. The easiest way to do this is through Windows Update.
  2. Make sure virtualization is enabled on the device. The easiest way to check this is through Task Manager à Performance à CPU. If it is written that the function is not used, it should be activated through the BIOS.
  3. Open the Start menu, and write “Turn Windows features on or off”.
  4. Find the “Virtual Machine Platform” option and check the box next to its name. Save changes with the “OK” button.
  5. Restart the PC.
  6. Download “Windows Subsystem for Android™ with Amazon Appstore”.
  7. Launch the newly installed application called Windows Subsystem Settings for Android. Enable “Developer Mode”.
  8. Click “Manage Developer Options” and enable advanced features in the window that appears.
  9. Open WSATools, and click “Select an APK”. Information about the absence of ADB, a set of software for Android developers, will appear on the screen. You should click “Install”.
  10. Select the installer again, and click the button in the lower left corner.
  11. The installed software can be found through the “Start”, like any other Windows program.

In most cases, the user will not have any problems after installation and how to open APK files on iOS. Some functions provided in specialized software may not work. Given the feedback from the network, the majority of applications are stable.


The solutions below are suitable for current releases of macOS, Windows.


A popular emulator among gamers, famous for its good optimization and the presence of additional features specifically for players. Thought out even such trifles as the substitution of GPS using the “arrows” on the keyboard!


A good option for developers to emulate tablets and smartphones. You can create a device according to your parameters or use presets that copy the characteristics of real devices.


Another way to run Android applications on a computer or laptop. Like Nox, it is focused on gaming. Feature for gamers – a catalog of popular games, which is updated based on the preferences of users around the world.

How can I convert an APK file to iOS?

Users do not have such an opportunity; only a developer can compile the correct image. In the past, the already mentioned MechDome project was suitable for these purposes, now Flutter is used instead. The framework is presented by Google, is actively supplemented, and is used by hundreds of companies. Cross-platform is its main advantage – software developers do not need to study the features of each platform separately, which allows you to speed up writing code and save money.

The answer to the question “How to open APK files on iOS via telegram?” that some readers may have is the same. It is impossible to do this, but it is worth trying to look for a ported version or equivalent in the App Store.

How to run an APK file on my iPhone?

As in the case of conversion, it is impossible how to open APK files on iOS. Nothing prevents you from using web emulators such as:

  • paid version of Genymotion;
  • Appetize website ;
  • Samsung Remote Test Lab.

The solutions noted above are optimized for computers, so for the best user experience, you should refrain from the idea of ​​how to open APK files on iOS at all.

What is the difference between an app and an APK?

An application is a ready-made program that can be launched with one touch. APKs act as software installers, representing a file with compressed data and some technical information that is unnecessary after installation.

It is impossible to transfer installed programs to other phones, since the software is assembled taking into account the OS version and technical characteristics, and also leaves entries in hidden directories. Instead, you can share the installer. It is suitable for all Android versions marked as compatible by the developer.

How to open APK files on iOS with the Best Tool

As repeatedly stated in the article on the question “How to open APK files on iOS?”, it is impossible to do this. If for some reason you need to transfer a file to an iPhone (for example, for storage or further sending), popular cloud services are suitable for this:

  • Box ;
  • Yandex.Disk ;
  • TeraBox ;
  • Google Drive ;
  • Cloud ru.

Other options on how to open APK files on iOS are also available: Bluetooth, SHAREit, and instant messengers… From the point of view of this OS, APKs are no different from other “unfamiliar” files: the company has not introduced any technical restrictions that could restrict their import and export.

The inability how to open APK files on iOS is due to the fundamental differences between the code of this system and Android. There is no way to port a program to another platform in one click. This is always a difficult task for developers, which users have to put up with. The best solution would be to search for similar software in the App Store or use emulators, including those available in the browser.

For macOS or Windows computers, you can use utilities such as BlueStacks and Genymotion to run mobile applications on your computer. Owners of the latest version of Windows have an option with WSATools, which allows you to install such programs as if they were originally assembled for personal computers. You have completed a guide on how to open APK files on iOS.

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