How To Open INI File On Windows 32 And 64 Bit For Free [2023]

Description of the INI extension

Welcome to how to open INI file. An INI file is a configuration file used by Windows programs to initialize program settings; contains sections for customization (delimited by a string in square brackets), with each section containing one or more parameter names and values, the comment begins with “;”. Example:

; some comment
[Section 1]
; comment about section 1
name1 = value_1; sometimes a comment can be written here
name2 = value_2

[Section 2]
; comment about section 2
name1 = value_1, value_2, value_3
name2 = value_2
name3 = value_3

INI files can be opened with any text editor, but usually, they cannot be modified or edited by normal users, because this can lead to unpredictable operation of the program. .INI files were partly replaced by the registry in Windows 95. More recently, INI files have been replaced by XML files.

NOTE: desktop.ini is a hidden file located in the Windows folder and contains folder-specific settings. This file can specify an image that is used as an icon for the folder, as well as the appearance of the folder’s files. If you delete the desktop.ini file, Windows may create a new file. The.DS_Store file on Mac OS X serves the same purpose.

Other programs related to the INI extension

Symbian OS Configuration File

The configuration file, which stores preferences and user settings for the Symbian operating system and installed applications, is similar how to open INI file in Windows and generally does not need to be opened manually. Refers to the Configuration Files section.

NOTE: Symbian INI files can be edited with a text editor to change certain settings. However, changes to the INI file may cause the operating system or other programs to not function correctly. Therefore, be sure to back up the file and edit the file only if you know exactly what to add or change. This is regarding how to open INI file.

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