How To Open.SAV Files On Your PC For Free [2023]

3 Steps to open an SAV file

Usually, solving a problem with an SAV file is simple – just install the appropriate software and open the file. This article gives a full guide on how to open.SAV files on your device. Read the manual and open the SAV file now!

What is an SAV file?

The .SAV extension is the most common game file format that stores player progress data, allowing the player to save and read game progress information. The structure of game save files is different for each production, the save method is also different, whether it is XML, CSV, text document, or binary file.

How to open SAV file?

There may be several reasons why the system does not support this file. In the case of the SAV extension, it is likely that none of the installed programs support this file type. Therefore, the user must take the following steps:

Step 1: Install a program that supports SAV files

If an application that supports SAV files is installed on the user’s system but is not used to open such files by default, right-click the file’s icon and choose Open With from the menu. Then select the appropriate application and check the box “Always use the selected application to open files of this type”. The system will store this information in its registry and use the program of your choice to open files with an SAV extension by default.

Hint for Mac OS users

For Mac OS users, the procedure is similar – open the file menu by right-clicking on the SAV file, selecting the “Information” option, and selecting the “Open with program” option. Select an application from the submenu and click the Edit All button.

Step 2: Find and download the right software

The inability to open SAV files may also be due to the lack of any application that supports this file being installed on the system. In this case, the user must download and install one of the following applications. Once installed, the system will automatically associate newly installed applications with SAV files. If this step fails, see Step 1.

Programs that support files with the SAV extension


  • Original program
  • Dolphin
  • No$gba
  • Delta Force
  • Half Life 2
  • Spell Force 2
  • Chaser
  • Secrets Can Kill
  • Ancient Domains of Mystery
  • Game Save Manager


  • Original program

Step 3: Check the SAV file for errors

Sometimes, although relatively rarely, steps 1 and 2 may not produce the expected results. There may be several reasons for this situation:

  • The SAV file has been downloaded from the internet, but for some reason it is incomplete. In this case, the file must be re-downloaded and opened again.
  • The structure of this SAV file may be corrupted and therefore the program cannot open the file.
  • The media where the file was saved is corrupted
  • It is important to ensure that the icon representing the given file is not a shortcut to an associated SAV file that is no longer in the location the shortcut points to.
  • If the user account has limited access rights, we recommend that you contact your system administrator or IT professional.

Similar file extensions

  • SAS: SAS Program Format
  • SAAS: Sass-Indented Syntax
  • SAL: SQL Application Language
  • SAVE: Nano Temporary Save Format
  • SABS: Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
  • SAS7BNDX: SAS Index

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