How To Recover Deleted PDF Files From WhatsApp [2023]

3 Ways how to Recover Deleted PDF Files from WhatsApp

Nearly two billion smartphone owners rely on WhatsApp, a fantastic communications platform, for daily contact. As more and more communication and file sharing between each other, it takes up mobile storage space. Sometimes users also accidentally delete data from their chats that they did not intend to enter. We discuss how to recover deleted PDFs from WhatsApp by mentioning various methods to ease this predicament. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Part 1: Can we recover deleted WhatsApp PDF files

If you are wondering how to recover deleted pdf files from WhatsApp and is it possible? Yes, it certainly is, just like before anyone had this problem, people used recovery tools and methods to retrieve deleted or lost data. Many 3rd party tools can do this, but other methods rely on these applications. In this article below, we will discuss just that.

Part 2: How to recover deleted PDFs from WhatsApp

This section discusses how to recover deleted PDF files from WhatsApp using Apple’s proprietary tools on your iPhone. Below are two ways to do this.

Solution 1: How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from WhatsApp via iCloud

The first way to view deleted PDFs requires that you already have a WhatsApp backup in iCloud. If you have done this before, below are the steps to extract critical files.

  • Open the WhatsApp mobile app and navigate to the settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom.
  • In the settings, you will see “Chat Backup”, and there “Restore Chat History”.
  • Touch it to recover deleted messages.
  • Here you will be able to see what was the last time you had a backup of your chat and what is the size of the backup.

Solution 2: How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from WhatsApp via iTunes

iTunes has saved iPhone users from difficult situations many times as it can help you back up your Apple devices on your PC and perform other functions. In this case, “how to recover deleted pdf files from WhatsApp” becomes essential for you. Here’s how you can do it in such a scenario.

  • Download and install if you haven’t already.
  • With iTunes running, connect your Apple device to your computer, but with a data cable.
  • Click on your device once it shows up in the iTunes interface.
  • Look through the user interface to find “Manual Backup and Restore” under the “Backups” tab.
  • Click on the button where “Restore Backup” is displayed.
  • Click done and now you will be able to see all the deleted PDFs.

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from WhatsApp Accurately Without Backup

In the previous section, we answered your query “How to recover deleted PDFs from WhatsApp”, but in this section, we will use a 3rd party application. With Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery, you can recover most data such as messages, images, PDFs, and more for your iPhone.

  • Download and install UltData WhatsApp Recovery. Launch the app and select the “Device” option you see at the bottom next to “Device” and “Scan History”.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable. If this is your first time connecting to your computer, be sure to unlock your phone and click “Trust” when it appears. Click the Start Scan button.
  • Let the tool find the data and sync it within minutes. You will see various data divided into photos, videos, messages, etc.
  • You can find the PDF files you need in the Document category and easily see which items you want to recover. Check all the files you want to recover and click the blue “Recover” button.
  • This will take some time, but you should now be able to access your basic data.

Frequently Asked Questions About PDF Files on WhatsApp

Q1: Does WhatsApp automatically download PDF files?

Yes, by default, the WhatsApp app automatically downloads all your media and files shared by users. To enable/disable this automatic feature, you need to go to the app settings. You can check “Advanced options” and then “Storage and data”. You will see “Automatic Media Download” and you can change the toggle depending on your needs.

Q2: Where are WhatsApp PDFs stored on iPhone?

If you are an Apple device user and use WhatsApp on any of your devices, media files are stored in the WhatsApp storage, unlike the downloads folder or the WhatsApp folder on Android devices. On iPhone, you can only see individual files by going to each chat. You can only see these PDFs anywhere if you have opened them in other applications such as MS Office or saved them by specifying a folder.

Q3: How to open a PDF file in WhatsApp?

If someone shares a PDF with you in a chat, the file will be automatically downloaded if the automatic download feature is enabled. Just touch or click on the file and it will open in WhatsApp. It will only open in another app if you’ve changed the default or opened it with the share button.

You may see a small down arrow below the file if Auto Download is turned off. You need to click this to download and then click to open the way we mentioned above.


We hope you learned a lot about sharing, and opening PDF files in your WhatsApp application. It’s frustrating if you accidentally lose a vital PDF document, but these steps can ease that pain. This concludes the analysis of “how to recover deleted PDF files from WhatsApp”. If the two solutions won’t work for you, you can download Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery and give it a try.

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