How To Test Touch Screen On Android Ultimate Guide [2023]

Touch screen test online

How to test touch screen on Android. All modern phones, some monoblocks, and laptops use a touch screen – a touchscreen. We made an online check that does not need to be installed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The touchscreen test online allows you to find out if there are false (or phantom) sensor responses, or dead zones on the screen, where there is no pressure sensitivity when pressed with a finger or stylus. Checking the touch screen will also help, when buying a device, to check its performance when third-party programs cannot be installed.

How to check the sensor online

Diving on how to test touch screen on Android. Click the button to start the touchscreen test. The touch screen test page will open in full screen (except for service areas on some phones, this is normal). Move your finger slowly across the screen and make sure that in all parts of the screen, the sensor works exactly under your finger (or stylus). Shouldn’t be on top, swipe your finger across the entire surface of the screen.

The line drawn by the finger should not be interrupted or be in random places. Also, without your participation, new touch points should not appear on the screen, if there are any (they are called phantom clicks) – then this may be a touch screen defect. We purposely ditched lines in favor of dots for a more accurate online touchscreen test. To end the test, swipe up from the bottom to display the bottom bar, press the back hard-key on your phone, or press ESC on your computer.

The left picture shows a fully passed screen touch test – for example, you swipe from the bottom left edge to draw a “snake” and end the test at the top right corner of the screen. The touchscreen repeats the pattern of your finger on the screen, without gaps, distortions, or false positives. The right figure shows an example of poor touchscreen operation.

Suppose the user tried to draw the same figure, but the line deviates, in some places it loses “contact” with the sensor, in some places phantom clicks appear, on the side of the screen the sensor does not work at all, the check for sensor disruption constantly fails. By this test, you can fully verify that your device is in good working order.

What could be causing the touch screen not to work properly

The most common in our practice are the consequences of blows to the screen of the device, cracks (even minor ones), and liquids. In some cases, new phones have a factory defect. A couple of phones had such a defect, which was solved quite simply – by removing the protective glass/film, which interfered with the normal operation of the touch screen. In our service center, we can replace the display, in some cases the touchscreen, on many models of phones, tablets, laptops, and monoblocks.

Checking the touch display (touchscreen)

How to test touch screen on Android online, use the window above. You can test the click on the screen directly in your browser. Click the Start Touch Screen Test button and drag your finger very slowly across the screen to fill in all the dots.

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