How To Turn On Dark Mode On Tiktok On Android And iOS [2023]

How to make the TikTok interface black

Welcome to how to turn on dark mode on TikTok. Making TikTok black is easier on iOS, which has a built-in background inversion function, without changing the interface. For Android, there are separate applications that can change the theme to dark.

Dark theme on TikTok;

It is easy how to turn on dark mode on TikTok if the item in the device settings is: “Night mode”. On iOS 13 and Android 10, the feature has been added as standard.

Owners of smartphones that do not support new versions can apply:

  • Inversion. A separate “Smart Invert” mode allows you to change the background color, and letters, without changes for photos and media files;
  • Use of third-party applications. The second way is more suitable for Android.

There are separate utilities in the Play Market called: “Dark Theme”. Some of them affect the selected list of applications, which includes TikTok and Instagram. Otherwise, utilities that are not included in the general list will remain unchanged.

Dark theme benefits:

Reduced load on vision at night and in the evening;
minimalistic design. Many applications have already been released with interface color changes.
But the black design can be problematic if the selected application does not have color schemes. Therefore, with any freeze or malfunction, the dark theme will have to be turned off.

Activation on iOS

There is only one way to activate black mode on TikTok – using an iPhone or iPad running iOS 13. This platform is supported by all Apple smartphones, starting from the iPhone SE model. iPhone 6s and up. Version 13 is also available for iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 2017, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 5, and iPad Mini 4.

How to enable the mode on iOS:

  • Go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Select: “Screen and brightness”.
  • Two theme options: “Dark” – save changes.

After clicking on the switch button, the entire interface will be displayed in dark colors. You can also open the Tik Tok options and select the “Dark theme” button. That being said, the user must update the app to the latest version to see the built-in black mode setting.

Activation on Android

Smartphones with the Android 10 operating system have a dark mode in the corresponding settings section.

Another way is to choose the color inversion through the developer mode. The option affects the performance of the device, but quickly replaces the light color scheme with a dark one.

Open Settings – Accessibility.
Item “Color and display” – “Invert”.
Read the warning – confirm the changes.
All shades will be displayed in inverted mode. But on Android, video and photo materials also change to opposite shades. Therefore, the last option on how to make Tik Tok dark is applications from the Play Market.

Set black mode:

Go to the Play Market – enter ” Dark Mode “.
Install – open the application.
Select the utilities you want to change from the list.
Indicate in the list “Tik Tok” – go to the social network.
If one application did not help in changing the color scheme, the Play Market offers other options that you can download and check on Tik Tok.

Problems when switching color scheme;

On weak devices, how to turn on dark mode on TikTok can cause constant crashes and crashes. Concerns the method with inversion and installation of third-party extensions to change the interface.

Solve the “Dark Theme” bug in TikTok:

  • Remove applications that affected changes in the interface;
  • Remove inversion;
  • Restart TikTok with: “Force stop”;
  • Reinstall the application.

If you still experience a challenge on how to turn on dark mode on TikTok, the problem may be related not only to the operation of the utility, which affects the color change but also to TikTok itself. To use the “Dark theme”, the user must first update the social network, and after that – install a third-party extension.

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