How To Use Kodi 17.4 Step By Step Guide For Free [2023]


This article gives how to use Kodi 17.4 step-by-step guide. Kodi is for many the best multimedia center that we can use to centralize and play all our music, videos, and photos in one place. 

This multimedia center is different in that it is free and open source, and in addition, it is completely modular and customizable thanks to a large number of plug-ins or extensions created by third parties that allow us to do almost everything with this multimedia center.

Although Kodi is open-source software, its support in terms of maintenance and updates is quite good, and so from time to time, project managers tend to release updates for this media center that keep it on the market for a longer time.

It has been almost 3 months since the launch of Kodi version 17.3, a version focused on fixing several major issues found in the previous version of the media center. Continuing the maintenance of the multimedia center, Kodi managers this time launched a new version of the 17 branch, 17.4, the version aimed primarily at fixing various security flaws and preparing the ground for the arrival of Kodi 18.

What’s new in Kodi 17.4

As we just said, this new version is mainly focused on fixing all sorts of bugs, so we won’t see any major changes or visible improvements.

Some of the most important bugs fixed in this release:

  • Two unexpected Windows shutdowns generated by Python and Zeroconf loading errors.
  • Fixed an unexpected crash when installing or updating extensions.
  • Proxy bug.
  • Fixed iOS 11 keyboard issue and Android 8.0 “Oreo” banner issue.
  • The FFmpeg library has been updated to version 3.1.9.

You can see the full list with all bug fixes on his official blog. If we want to update this new version or download Kodi to our computer, we can do it completely free of charge.

Setting the stage for Kodi 18

In June last year, we already told you about the projects of the developers of this multimedia center on its new version. Kodi 18 will no doubt be a great launch because, after a long wait, it will finally arrive with native 64-bit support thanks to a huge effort that required a total of 31 Windows libraries to be ported to run on this architecture.

While there is no scheduled release date for this new version at the moment, it won’t take long. In addition, with it, the Xbox version will probably also happen, which allows us to turn the Microsoft console into a full-fledged media center in the living room.

Have you updated to the new version of Kodi yet? What else do you hope to see in the next version 18 of this multimedia center?

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