How To Use ManyCam On WhatsApp For Free [2023]

Product Description

In this article, you will learn how to use ManyCam on WhatsApp. I will introduce a program that helps us use the webcam in multiple applications using this device our software called ManyCam. Besides webcam virtualization, it can do many other things, some very funny, I’m sure that some of you will immediately fall in love with this software.

Usually, the webcam (video signal of such) can even be used not only for one application at a time, if we want to use and other programs do not have to close the application already uses a simple example would use the camera at the same time Skype and Yahoo Messenger, Skype can not use the camera to use it if you don’t give a mess and vice versa.

With ManyCam the camera can work wherever we are directly or multimedia camera applications are virtualized as needed. Apart from the main function, ManyCam has some fun options in the video tutorial you will see how to use this app and what comes with it.

Note: If you use ManyCam from now on, you will have to select the “ManyCam Virtual Camera” source in every application instead of the webcam.

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